We All Make them.

July 11th, 2012.

Some times in life we all must make sacrifices. We make them for ourselves and for those we love. Sometimes they end up hurting more than others and without the intention of doing so, some leaving regrets in the back of your mind and unhappy endings to conclude with.  Although you trust your instincts, not your heart, never your heart. I think if you did, your heart would fool you, keep you from the reality.

My sacrifice, I suppose letting someone that I love go, because I realized there was just an endless circle going around and around. And I was the one just being the one to keep it like that because I suppose I had the fear of letting go and not realizing what really was going on. I was stretching out an on going problem that had a simple solution. And just ended up with people getting hurt more than they should have been. It hurt, sure I won’t lie to you and say that I am some cold hearted human with no emotions, I suppose I just made it seem that way, in little care for my own sake of not falling apart when it came to confrontation. And later on just cutting them out from my life for some time, so I could have my own time to figure out what I want in my life.

I just needed to breathe without hesitating.

We need time to overcome things and come into terms with reality and acceptance.

Sacrificing things in life makes you realize what you give up in life to help others and yourself, and just living your life based from what you think is right. Not what others may say, they might think it is wrong, or a mistake, you work with what you think is best, even if it does seem like a risky and bad idea.

We are just humans after all, whose to say what is best for you? Perhaps you’ll never know until you take that step. Sometimes clearing up everything and starting on a clean slate is the best for the body and mind.

You may let go of one thing completely but you will always gain something new it maybe be with time but every person is different. It is the sacrifices one makes that may seem dumb and irrational that could make a big change on how you see life.  And perhaps we will never come in terms to understand them, but for whatever those reasons are we just have to let them be, just let it be.

And that is all.

Happy Readings


– Mariana

We All Make them.

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