Is This Just Fantasy?

You just can’t do that can you?

Make something that was so real into a fantasy,

a world simply made up in your mind.

Take a two years and pretend it just never happened,

made it all up as an excuse to get through what was left of school.

Although it did happen, because the memories are still there to remind you that they did.

And now you are just letting it all fade away slowly.

It starts with the months, the days, the hours.

Starts with two people, then one.

Image of naked bodies, suddenly clothed.

A full body, suddenly the chest and up.

from the chest, all you see is now the head,

and the head soon turns into a face.

And the last thing to fade away are their eyes.

And that is how you let it all slip by,

how you simply forget.

So then you can just lie to yourself, it was all a fantasy.

It never happened.




Happy Readings.

– Mariana




Is This Just Fantasy?

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