Summer Checklist Update.

So I never really had a summer checklist to begin with and I suppose it was just kept in my head, I had many things in my mind going on, and all these things that I wanted to accomplish. I was in such a crap mood for about a month and now things have really been starting to feel fantastic. I am exploring life as it goes and taking it in slowly. To me that seems like the best way right now. I don’t have any intentions to be going crazy or having those insane summer tales to gossip with friends. So far it has been great.

So here are things I just wanted to share that has been making my summer perhaps one of the best of all my years.

I have aquired the rights to the road! Finally recieved my licsence, although I have to admit it kind of sucks that I will be leaving soon, so really taking in the pleasure of roaming around on my own is not happening.

I am traveling! who doesn’t love to travel during summer? To where? Why Mexico of course! I am excited to be with my family and friends again and now as I am seen as an adult, I am hoping things will be better.

I am meeting many new people! It is always important to remain social and active!

Speaking of Active! I am now back to my goal weight again and feeling more confident than ever!

New Style, New Marz! what is there not to like?

I am trying this new thing here, where I just focus on my life and try to figure things out that will benefit me the most.
I am staritng I suppose with a new state of mind, and taking a break from here.

So here is to a random rant, I felt like sharing to all you fellow readers about my new life that I have been enjoying so effortlessly and never felt better.


Cheers Summer 2012!!


Summer Checklist Update.

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