“You Never Get What You Want”

I wish sometimes I could just open up.

Just spew out every emotion and thought with no filter in mind, and not care who I was hurting.

I wish that my voice could be as easily heard as my writing can be written.


Why the hesitation?

If you want something, then you go for it, well I know what I want.

Although what if that something you want is out of your reach and you’re just scared to go for it? Scared to take a step forward in fear of just being pushed away.

So, I just hold my self, I just glue my mouth together and that is that. And then I am just left with the regrets to sit in my mind: of what I could have done, what I should have done, but I didn’t, because I am a coward.

It is my voice, so use it right? After all what harm can you do? People forcing you to speak all the time, giving you a chance to open your mind and let everything unfold, giving you the chance to be hones.

And I just let moments like that pass me by, with simple one syllable words, because I am to scared to be faced with fear and rejection.

Already knowing the answers, so why do I bother to speak up, voicing something for change, but why? When it wont be changed. I understand that, I get it.

I just don’t want that.

I know, I know

“You don’t always Get what YOU want.” *sigh*


Happy readings!




“You Never Get What You Want”

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