So as I am here sitting slumped on my couch just watching the hour pass by while watching a crappy scary movie and reminiscing in my last days of being an average 17 year old girl. I never was really into that whole HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY! Kind of shit and just usually look at it in a bitter sweet way. I mean we age everyday right? So why are we taking just one day to recognize that? I mean yes bless this child born today! Harrah! harrah! I think I might just end up like those people who don’t give their kids parties and all, no I think it is fun when your a little kid, there is so much excitement, but for me even turning the big 18, well honestly is not so big. As for birthday wishes? Well my wish I don’t think is that obtainable… And it is not like I can tell you guys well because then it is ruined for me the wish of course.
As usual though, I began to reflect back upon my year. I have to admit, it was quiet an experience and had the many up and downs of any teenage person could probably experience. As I look back, I don’t think it could have gone any different to where I am now. Okay so perhaps a lie, perhaps I do wish SOME things were different, but that is only for me to know. I have missed blogging that is just a side note though. Oh what cliches to say now?
Highschool I will start with that, I liked it, I suppose it was because I just enjoyed the people that I loved being around. I endured through the drama and crazy people, I made some new friends and did a lot of volunteer work for no reason. I struggled through some classes though, but hey, I am not a perfect student, so FUCK IT.  I was able to keep my close friends and was always grateful to have them around. I guess I could say it was also the year of my first actual heartbreak. I lost my grandfather, my cousin and my mentor, and it was hard I suppose getting through those times. I had my rough days of depression and just always being pissed and moody. The fights with my parents and I suppose experiencing arguments in a relationship was also another difference. Sleeping (not in that way guys :P) with someone of the opposite sex. And bonding with people I never thought I could become close to while also catching up with people I lost touch with. Also it was my year of getting super totally drunk off my ass, and I hope it will be the ONLY year that ever happens and having the most hazy night of my life. Doing a lot with theater and trying to make myself more outgoing was also a huge change that happened. And finding a job and actually enjoying it (even though everyone is crazy)
I manage to loose a lot of weight and now back to my healthy weight but still trying to get in shape I guess?
I graduated at 17 years old, and now I actually start school as an 18 year old.

So now I realized, I can vote, buy cigarettes, go to 18+ concerts, have sex with older people without them getting sent to jail…(haha Joking!!), clubs, get a tattoo and a real drivers license! WOO!

So cheers to another new year ( I guess) to start and finish, and congratulations on me for surviving another 366 (this was a leap year) days…

Happy Readings!

– Mariana


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