“Hello, thank you for calling, how may I help you?”

I never thought I would see the day that I could call myself a workaholic. Now don’t get me wrong it isn’t like I exactly LOVE it here, but I don’t mind it. I mean the salary is shit and all but I try my best to be a hard worker and prove myself of value. My life has been consumed with the rambunctious smiles of “hello how are you today? Welcome to (insert name here)” and the “Hello thank you for calling (insert name here) this is Mariana Speaking how May I help you?”  and just slap on a happy smile. I suppose it is no problem to be able to consume your feelings and put all that aside for just a couple of hours, and now I am just thinking, did I really pay all that cash for an acting class when I can get one for free here at work?
Honestly, I think I am more interested in just getting some extra cash at this point than going out to socialize with people and get drunk and do drugs and have sex. There is plenty of time to do that… After school… After work… And after I get myself a car and some habitual place that is semi decent to bring people inside. I have this planned out all in my mind, and I am just trying to find the ways to slowly span it out and make it happen. How will you make this happen? I always ask my self, with time. Everything with time. I realized that recently that things take time. Anyways enough of this, I just have not blogged in the longest time, well that wasn’t true I had a blog post but I had to take it down for personal reason. Although I feel like I have not really been updating in my life. Not that it is anything crazy or interesting, so far it has only been work and school and sometimes the occasional bump in to friends and that two hours of pleasure I just take to hang out with them before I run to work to enjoy the new experiences and crazy people and some famous people… I guess and the creeps and the cute guys around. So, I suppose it really just beats being at home. It is a real short blog, I am actaully typing this out of boredom and randomness and just because I wanted to.


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“Hello, thank you for calling, how may I help you?”

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