We, He, She, Them, They, Us and Me.

They don’t get it, so they pick at it.
I don’t get it, so I just leave it
We don’t get it because its a cycle.

They don’t get it because there is to much disfunction.
I don’t get it because I feel so confused
We don’t get it, because there is no control.

They need to stop, the malicious jokes that itch my skin.
I need to stop, the act of pretending to go along with it so I don’t get judged.
We need to stop this, us, all of it.

They need to stop with the assumptions, because they don’t really know the truth.
I need to stop with the shortcuts I find to avoid things and run away.
We need to stop, before another person gets hurt.

They don’t seem to see the emotions I carry and think that what they say is fine.
I don’t seem to see what the big picture is yet and just accept it.
We don’t seem to see, that perhaps it’s better to stay away.

No one understands anything because it just seems to be a mess.
I don’t understand why it can’t just be cleaned up
We don’t understand what to do anymore.

You don’t get it that I don’t want anything anymore
You need to stop picking at what is already damaged
You don’t seem to see that I don’t want you.
You don’t understand that there is nothing intimate between us.

It’s finished.
This is finished
The End.

We, He, She, Them, They, Us and Me.

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