Summer Nights.

Streets lights fading in and out with the traffic rushing back and forth, honks and tire screeches with music blaring out from the windows. It was only a Saturday night after all, everyone was out. Cars out to travel onto their new destinations. A small patio dimly lit, sat alone unattended with the empty offices and closed stores, lunch hours were over, old food which seemed to have left its stain on the floor. The tables sat there, cold and empty all except for one table. There sitting on top a young woman with her legs hanging off the edge swinging them back and forth as she leaned back and a spacy smile, and a young man sitting there on the chair deep in thought. Their faces hidden in the shadows being casted from their surroundings. Glancing up she stared into the sky trying to find what was left of the night’s stars, only to see the smog that was hovering over them and some office lights still on from the building towering over them. She settled with that as her night time stars. It was not the place after all that mattered to her, but the people that made it memorable.
The summer breeze was just starting to settle in and they both enjoyed taking in breaths which sounded more like long sighs of what to do now?
They glanced back and forth, sometimes making eye contact and sometimes just watching the other stare off into there own world. Awkwardly not knowing of what to say next, who to approach who in that manner. It was the perfect summer night, just not right for them, it was one of those perfect summer nights for a first date, not the night of holding onto the past with confusing thoughts and feelings.
He made the move, he grabbed her phone and ran, hiding behind the bushes. She laughed and yelled out to him in frustration and chased him around the small walls and flower beds, jumping through the bushes and stepping over the dirt as he did the same, ending on the other side again, never being able to meet each other again, because he avoided, yet she still chased. It was like watching two kids, run around in their own world, something they had brought together as one and no one else was allowed to enter it.  And by the time they were done, all worn out and tired, by the time they would find each other again, everything in their path would be destroyed, the flowers collapsed by the impact of their feet, shoe prints of mud next to the food left on the floors. Bushes now spread apart from the bodies that were pushed through, now marked with their scent lingering behind them. She found him, sitting there with the phone next to him on a bench, it wasn’t the phone he was looking for, it was her. He wanted her to chase after him, she caught her breath and sat next to him. Again coming back into the same place they were an hour ago, staring at the empty sky not knowing what to do with each other, but sit and enjoy there time together. She stood up and walked to the old table where she had left her bag and he followed behind her. He sat down on the wall and she placed her arms around him and leaned into his chest, letting her head rest under his chin, a familiar comfort that seemed to linger in her mind. He laid his head onto her shoulder and she moved hers on his, their ears meeting and cheeks touching, and they just talked. He opened up about his  troubles and work while she listened and gave her thoughts to him, and they exchanged their secrets and life. To them it was the most natural feeling, it was intimate and personal. There they were opening themselves up, simply by just letting there faces press against each other, no lips touching or eyes meeting, no hands moving or bodies craving for each other with lust.
It was simple, it was just them alone on a summer night, it wasn’t a first date or anything special.
She looked up at him once more and smiled her eyes just breaking the contact with him and he held her around his arms. She leaned in and cupped his face in her hands and just kissed him, he brought her closer to him. For those few seconds,it was clear how much they needed each other despite the confusion and past, they didn’t care who saw them, who judged them.
Just the two of them together was enough, after all it was only a summer night.


Happy Readings 🙂


– Marz

Summer Nights.

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