Hello Highschool?

I went to visit my high school today with my friend as she came back from college.We had a blast driving around blasting music and catching up on our polar lives. We decided to take a trip to our old high school and surprise some familiar faces. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone again and I was so happy to see all my theater friends and just the theater in general, really just makes you realize how much people actually valued your presence and friendship with their heart warming hugs and screams of joy as they ran down a hallway to say hello. I was ecstatic to run into all my teachers (that I actually bonded with) like all my social studies teachers, my economics teacher, Spanish teacher, English and my wise and hilariously witty guidance counselor.  Walking around with my good friend Ethan as we caught up on things while my other friend Neha was in search for her own teachers we decided to make a stop at my old locker and in doubt that it would open since they supposedly change the locks when the seniors graduate, I tried my old combination and *alakazam!* it opened.

Jumping and screaming up and down as I looked inside with my signature and a random doodle I was laughing hysterically and felt a tug on my hair as a random girl mistaken me for someone else, which just made me laugh even more. I have forgotten how funny highschool was, and all the kids and the crazyness. And to think that so much can change in just a couple of months!

I was walking around calling my teachers by their first names and making fun of them, and while they asked me questions like how was college and where my life is going and plans. A lot also asked about my ex (I guess we were well known around high school), but I just said “he’s good, just chilling” but it’s not like I needed to go into details about that.  I just had not realized how much people actually took noticed. So here is a bit of advice, if you ever just feel like unimportant or not missed, head back to high school and visit some familiar faces you had not seen in a while. It really just made my day to see everyone again. 🙂


Happy readings 🙂



p.s – What was your most memorable moment of highschool?

Hello Highschool?

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