Christmas Cheer, and such.

I don’t think there is a day where I do not go on  about how much I miss Mexico, Anyways, I am not here to bash upon some depressing rant of how it is so cold and I am so lonely in every possible way. This probably was one of my most peaceful Christmas I have had yet, and I did not mind spending my Christmas Eve at work, since I made some extra cash. I have had some hectic nights and weeks for that matter, balancing my work with school and the finals. Nothing I could not have handled, I realized over this past month nothing much actually, my life has been so dry and repetitive.  I come to the final and last conclusion that I absolutely hate drunk people, I mean drinking is alright like they say “if you know how to drink then you know how to drink” I start to loose respect for those who over do it and just drink away their problems because it “helps”, when in reality,  Alcohol is a very traitorous substance, and people just get dumber and dumber, also what is the point of drinking so much that you wake up feeling like crap the next day or regretting something.
I also realized that as you get older, you tend to be more concerned in buying better gifts for people, for example I actually bought something pricy for my parents and everyone else in my family including the sister’s Boyfriend. So I guess this is what it is like to grow up a little and accept some responsibility…. do I enjoy it though? I am not sure, I suppose just like the holidays it is bitter sweet, They remind you of the family and the love and peace while at the same time the running around in mayhem while you try to fight over the last tickle me Elmo or sports car that you want to give your lovely wife… okay so I might have exaggerated that, because I did not get either, and while I am grateful for the pretty watch (Micheal Kors) I got my hopes up for a surprise car key, but haha who was I fooling? No, I like my watch and I am thrilled to know that yes! I can tell time, I have learned in both “standard” and military, and I need something fancy anyways to accessorize. Over all I didn’t ask for anything special or big, my list was actually very simple: … actaully I  really did not have a list… well Ipod Speakers (the kind where you use up the ipod batteries, or a really good speaker w/ bass system, oh and acoustic guitar picks and strings.

I have come into terms with what my life has become, I do not know if that is a good or a bad thing, but as of now, I try to not sweat out the small things, focus less on the nonsense drama and more on my school and work, I do not have time for egoistic little girls who think they are better and prettier, jealous and feel like they are always competing, I do not have time for silly rumors on my own friends, and whether or not it is true that is their business, I accept them for who they are. And I certainly do not have the time to be following someone elses  life, why would I want to follow someone’s life who only seeks out to be entertained by others and their own lives, that just shows a sense of immaturity and unhappiness, also insecurities. When I had said I was done with high-school, I had really meant it. I was tired of it all and I DO NOT plan on falling back into it.

So now that I have gone into my many rants and topics about my life and questions, until the New year, I shall keep you updated, until then enjoy my future posts and such….

Sorry this sounds so awkward and random.


Happy Readings 🙂

Christmas Cheer, and such.

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