Un-Damaging the Damaged

What if two people ‘click’ together?

Easy, they get together, right if only it really was that simple.

What if those two people know they have some form of attraction?

Then they open up about it and show it.

Okay so they start showing it, its fun, its flirty…what now?

Admit that they can’t date..

WAIT, STOP hold on… but how? I don’t understand because this just doesn’t make sense to me?

How can two people that like each other not want to be together? Damaged.

You would think that two people who are damaged with the similar issues would attract like magnets, and think “hey well we’ve been through some similar shit, why not make it fun and easy by getting together”
It is just so perfect! it is so perfect when two people click and when you can finally just be like “whoa I actually enjoy being around you and it’s amazing” it’s like you’re just happy again and you can breathe. There is life in yourself, and this warmth that you have missed so dearly. And suddenly things are clear, its like this euphoric moment. It just seems like perfection, putting two damaged souls together, to help each other slowly heal and realize the true nature of themselves and all the great and good they deserve.

So tell me, why is it so difficult to put one and one together?

Can anyone answer this please?!


Un-Damaging the Damaged

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