Growth Spurt

I have so many new blog ideas that come to me randomly, and then when I finally get to them, I end up staring at a blank screen and then clicking that little x at the tab bar. It’s funny how my mind has changed in so many ways, since the last time I took a reflection upon myself. I know my ‘lover’ if he reads this will think “You? Marz? grow up? you’re such a child sometimes”, and yea it is true. I act so immature and childish when we are together, or perhaps it is because even though I have an old soul because I enjoy museums, weird movies and swing music… but he? Probably an ancient soul, our soul ages just are too far apart :p haha.

I suppose I never got to enjoy thoroughly my teen years normally, I had to grow up a bit faster than my other fellow friends. I knew things growing up that most kids at that age wouldn’t even question, like what the human body parts were, my cousin taught me what sex and masturbation was when I was probably about 10 years old, we even had code names for a condom, penis and vagina, and all those other “private parts”.

Although could those new words and knowledge in my mind truly have made me more grown up than others?

Now fast forward to my current lifestyle, I work at a high-end restaurant, our usual costumers range from 30-60 years old, very rarely do we get young adults from 18-30. Surrounded by adults, weather its from staff or our costumers. Working in restaurants has made me see a new perspective on people and life for that matter. Working in general has made me think of how people today get by. In today’s world where jobs are so scarce, it’s really no longer about where you came from, your background or education, it is all about having the specific experience, something that makes you different from the rest yet maintaining that generic mold they want and having a connection of someone “higher”.
Sadly that is how we have to live our lives. My manager always encourages me to “connect” with regulars because you never know who you can meet. For me to really say though that I’ve grown, I suppose I can admit to it. I have learned to speak louder and fight for what I want, not to allow people feel above me or push me around, and to Handle situations in a mature manner.
I know he always tells me I need to grow up, but I’ll just grow up for what will do me well in life, for now he’ll just have to suffer his way through.

Happy readings 🙂

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Growth Spurt

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