Daily Prompt: 15 Minutes Live

I am given 15 minutes to say what i want to the world, those 15 minutes I can say so many things, I love you, I hate you, I want to be you, I hate this country, I hate my life, I love my life. So many things and yet it seems to stare blank at me, there is no apathy, no sentimental emotions that can come across on this post. And yet all of this is what I choose to say, for what purpose? I can speak and yet in a matter of time my words will just be forgotten. Dr.King gave out a speech to millions nation wide and he was able to stamp that history tree, he had his purposes laid out for him. Me on the other hand has yet to find that in my life, but will it matter when I am in some urn or underground with my tomb? Even then will my tomb erode and I will just become another life to the earth, people will eventually forget who I was and life will move on. Life doesn’t stop for you, not even for a split second and if you don’t catch up, you will only fall behind. It is rough holding onto what cannot be unchanged, only wishing that you could. Time machines are contradictions of the sci-fi world.

If I was on some radio show or t.v I would choke, I would probably just talk about the obvious topics, relationships, world events, opinionated themes, generic things like that. My words are not powerful enough to leave that imprint yet, and I say yet because you never know what you can do until you throw yourself out there.

I have 7 minutes to finish what I came to say, although to me 7 minutes seem endless, like an abundance of time. I can chew at my nails for the rest of the time, or actually write something that will be meaningful, perhaps the recent loss of lives, Nelson Mandela? The MTA train accident, Pual Walker and Roger Rodas?

The world events with the riots and violence, but why do we even want to remember that?

Peace is dream to the world, above high reach. 

We obtain peace by war…

internal war within ourselves

The war with our society

The war with our families,

The war with our own world.

So many different kinds,

My 15 minutes are up now, and thinking back on it seemed more of a waste of time to be reading, perhaps some tuned out, some tuned in. Doesn’t matter in the end, by next month you will forget…


Daily Prompt: 15 Minutes Live

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