I Surrender!

I quit! I am done! I have had it with the gossip and drama, this wasn’t suppose to be like this, and now I just absolutely despise everything about my job. I think I have had enough with the bullshit. I have heard so many hurtful comments that I have kept quiet about and now it is all starting to get to me. I cannot keep living this stress that is so unnecessary. I feel betrayed and thrown under a bus and run over. I have heard things from me going home with clients doing shady shit to just how I am lazy and I threaten people… is this really necessary? I don’t go to work to live a soap-opera, I go to make money and just learn new things. The fact that it has reached this level of madness is beyond my grasp. The fact that some people are just ungrateful and full of themselves makes me realize that no matter how many chances in life you can give some-one, if they’re just always going to selfish-brats then thats all what they are going to be. I am tired of my words being twisted and turned. When all I have been trying to do is keep peace and minimize situations.

*sigh* I really give up, I just want to throw in that towel and say “Okay Gaucho… you fucking win, you fucking sucked the best out me and crushed it all and won… I give up”


I Surrender!

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