The happy trails of Struggles.

While it has been a fun year for me, I have seemed to have forgotten my blog, left behind and ignored. I have been busy, dealing with drama, quitting, raving, raging, smoking crack… just kidding. And while I have found my past time heading to night clubs, raving with friends and my boyfriend, it certainly has been an experience. Staying out all night has never been something I am used to, coming home while people are heading to work, looking like an utter mess. My hair mangled and flat, I now have learned that wearing heavy makeup is the most pointless waste of time. And I can’t even think about dressing in layers, it is just light and a coat. Coat check is for sure worth it. 

While raving is expensive and does takes some out of me, the struggle was even worse when my Fridays were off and the only day i could go out, coming home at 6 am and making it to work at 11 always seemed like a miracle to me. I have no idea how I would pull myself to make it on time. I feel like I just died into a musical abyss and after that I need peace for about 12 hours.

Anyways I thought I would share one of my faves, I cannot wait to see him for edcNY.

I think I really have made the best out of my year and I cannot wait for the new changes to come, things are really looking up. 😀 Image


The happy trails of Struggles.

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