Optional Transitions.

Do we just grow? Or simply transition into a merely new person? Like snakes, shed our old skin to leave behind, transparent and dry.

I start with a question, I suppose our lives are always built on questions, we ask, we seek, we satisfy our curiosity.

I have lost base with myself, the priorities and importance of my own happiness, the endless nights of just aimlessly not sleeping, staying up into a depression as I would attempt to cry myself into sleep. For weeks it was like this, I coward away and made my mistakes that I regretted.

The true beauty of it all though?

I took them in, I admitted my faults, accepted my flaws, took control over how my happiness should be for me; my self content is for me, not to please others, not to change myself for the likes.

I am who I am, and I like who I am, I make my improvements as they come, not for others, not to stay attractive to them, but for me.

I love summer, I suppose it is that time to make the changes, and have fun. The care-free spirit sets in and everything is so light.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NEW THOUGHTS~~~~~~~~~~

I can’t begin to explain anything anymore, the laziness, I have no explanation as to why, and frankly I just do not seem to care.

I start my days just fine, eat well, do something active, I’ve noticed less tummy chub which I am pleased about and I finally am gaining some form of financial substance from my job.

I am just doing what I enjoy, while enjoying the fun that comes through along the way.

Can I be honest?

Half the time I have no idea what the fuck I am doing, but there is something I enjoy about being spontaneous.

Fuck it, it is summer  after all, why stress it?



Optional Transitions.

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