Changes of Matter and Heart

I find myself often gazing upon life before my eyes. Wishing there was more to accept rather than a fading memory in mind. Life can be a trip, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but in the end it is all a balance and a learning experience. I suppose it is about finding the beauty in it.
If it was up to me, life would always be beautiful, having feelings and emotions was embraced, it was nothing to be afraid of. To be human to the core of existence.

I wish more people would let themselves go, just to know what it is like to be free, to not hold back, to not regret on telling that person you love them, to feel like you are a part of something much larger out there, and that your life is just as important as the other, that every living thing has a purpose.

No moment is ever the same twice.

Lately I find myself embracing everything, carrying this out of body expereince.  I stop:

These are my friends, my family, and here I am, living in this moment, sharing it all with them… and by god do I fucking love them

I wouldnt have my life anyother way, im grateful for everything. And like most trips, things may not always make sense,  but I always manage to tell them that I  love them, that I am here for them, that I care,

Life gets tricky, people fall, people grow, people get stuck. With the right people though, it can be pretty amzing. never be afraid to make connections in life. You never know who could be the next person to leave an impression on you.

I suppose in todays world, we become so fearful of feeling, we are suppose to be nnumb, we are suppose to be hard, feelings are for the weak, but how can you live without knwoing what its like to be happy? what it is like to have your heart broken, what it is like to fall in love again?

I would rather be seen as weak, than tough, I would rather be that perason that experienced it all because they took that risk to feel and see it all.

Happy Readings,

Still confused

Changes of Matter and Heart

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