About Mariana.

Hey everyone!

I’m Mariana Rodriguez, New York, born and is currently still living here enduring life as it goes on. I would like to be known as Marz. nationality: my parents are from Mexico. I speak and write in both English and Spanish. E-mail me at Marz394@aol.com if you happen to have any personal questions or comments

My blog was at first just something to post all my creative writing works, but as I gradually became more attached to it, I decided to make it something more, a new perspective  and life from the eyes of a young adult girl.

Finally just starting the new chapter of my life towards adulthood and growing more open minded with each day.
So in my blog, what will you expect? Anything really, things that make sense and some that won’t, I can go from diary entries to poetry and short stories, sometimes just small short questions I wonder about in life.

So, with that I leave you all to explore, comment, think and wonder.

Thanks for reading.


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7 thoughts on “About Mariana.

  1. This is probably my first opportunity to see life through the eyes of a girl! I won’t joke with it. You sound interesting, I’m willing to expect anything! And good; English is all I speak but I so love Spanish! Can’t wait to learn. Cheers!


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