.Decaying and Expired.

I wish there was some sort of manual written for your life, things would seem safer I suppose, you would be able to avoid the tragic things without the surprises that lurked darkly behind.

In a world of feeling a misfit and out of place, fitting in with life itself never seemed to be such an option. It is just confusing as ever, floating around attempting to keep what is left together. Has been it a struggle? Perhaps in ways, yes and in other ways I can’t be more grateful about it. School, Family, Break ups, the minimal drama at my job… its all been there for me to soak up.

Bored, we all get bored we grow desperate in search of something more, something to satisfy better, something to tame this gluttony for human existence. We lunge with the risks in mind, “But I am here, I am alive and this is who I am now”

I have recently been in the process of figuring out myself, do not get me wrong I know more or less the person I am to others, but there is this thirst for finding inner peace, with my body and soul. I should have gone on this journey a while ago when I had the opportunity.

Everything is so temporary, and yet we hold onto everything as if it was to last forever, things fall into an end, and when you keep pushing it forward, it only becomes more and more stale. Somethings are better left to when they expired, when something is in a process of decay, we can always grow something new from that pile of shit we put ourselves in.

So I must grow.

.Decaying and Expired.

Two Steps Back. – Comic.


So, my sister has this boyfriend,

and him and his best friend decided to create a comic together of there spiraling misadventures towards adult hood.

The link is on top, please check it out, I promise you will love the witty and goofy and just enjoyable mini comics, and if you don’t well you can leave me an angry comment saying how repulsive and ugly I am 🙂

Here is their latest comic :

Anyways I thought I’d be a great caring person and help them out a bit, I have already gotten some friends into the comic, and I enjoy reading it all the time.

Happy readings 🙂

– Mariana


Two Steps Back. – Comic.

A Child’s heart.

I used to think the moon would follow me home, light the way on those dark endless roads at night.

I imagined it chasing after us making sure it stayed ahead.

I thought when the rain came down on gray days, it rained all over the world and some other little girl in China or France was running up and down their driveways bare feet, jumping and splashing, letting the dirt and minerals sprinkle over. Throwing around the worms that seemed to come out from hiding.

When thunder came, I remember shaking and hiding under my parents legs as they sat on the couch, hiding between pillows in their beds, finding spaces under the bed. I saw a flash and flew towards whatever hiding I was able to find.

I recall the anxious waiting for getting my first training bras and “grown up” clothes. When I could places on my own.

I remember crying in kindergarten because the boys didn’t want to play with me because I had “cooties”, I wanted so badly to play with the guys, I screamed at them “COOTIES ARE NOT REAL!

Santa, Tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, the three kings, they were all very real to me.

I had so much innocence:

Conversation with my sister.

“Mayra, I have something funny to tell you…”

“What is it?”

“okay ready, I learned this at camp: Girls go to to college to get more knowledge, boys go to jupiter to get more stupi-”

“Is that all?”

“No, It’s a (giggles) bad word, I don’t want to say it”

Where have all my years gone? My childish thoughts?

The innocence and sweet outlook on everything, world was a sugar-coated playground ready to just be explored.

It feels gone, all of it, a child hearts slowly fading away. Reality sinking in, sugar melting away to expose the truth of what lies underneath. It’s sad to think of it, leaving it behind into what now seems to be the “adult world”

Moon, stay with me, please? I would like some light to guide me through, don’t fall behind.


Happy Readings 🙂





A Child’s heart.