Suffering = happy highschool?

I have heard people say that “the meaning of life is suffering”

okay sure I suppose that can make sense if you want to go all Marcel Proust.

Though here is another thing I have heard

“High school are the best years of your life you will come to live.”

So, if that is the case with high school and its connection to life, would that mean that you suffer through highschool?

That high school are your prime suffering years?

It’s just one of those “1 am” thoughts you get.

– Marz

Happy readings 🙂

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Suffering = happy highschool?

Words. Words.Words.

Sometimes what people say you expect yourself to just let them go. You take those comments.critics,words and you shoved them to the back of your fucking mind. Although it doesn’t always work like that, When you hear something that contradicts every bit of what your feeling you feel it hit the bottom of your stomach and just lay there for days and you go on ends without letting it go wondering why you opened your ears to hear it. You realize that it hurts you and your just lost without knowing what to do with that pain. Lost because you are unsure who to share it to, who to confront it towards. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me? I tend to disagree with this for my own personal reasons and perhaps experiences. Anyways I’m flowing off track. Tonight’s blog post is nothing in ways but perhaps something. Just rambled thoughts. No story, no poem or song or nothing. just Words. Words the sink into the mind and stay there for as long as you can push your mind to remember. Remember the words that sunk in to eat away your flesh, the words that warmed and tickled your soul, words that made you cringe away and tears appear, words that made you vulnerable and feel naked to the world. words that made you smile and feel lucky for all the reasons of the world. Words. they come and go, but the burned mark is always there to remind you.

Words. Words.Words.