The Irony of The Universe

Things become so ironic, in the best ways, that it just makes me chuckle and smile. So how to explain this, my best friend, became my best friend, because he said something that was miss interpretided into causing me to lose my best friend…

WAIT… rewind on that… how does that work?

Now you are all probablly asuming how crazy I am… how can you be best friends with someone like that?

Simple… he did me the best favor anyone could have done. I know that seems so strange, but it is true. Without my best friend, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And trust me, he always apologizes to me and how horrible he felt if he had known what the damage would have been, but honestly, it was for the best!!

I imagined my life one night if he had never done that, I imagined how depressed I would be still, How I would of still been in that toxic cycle with X, going through the mind fucks, the manipulative abuse, the lies and feeling like the lowest person ever. How I would of never met my current love *yes thats right, I decided to start dating again and open my world up… 4 months strong and its been amazing*, I probably wouldnt have gone on all these memorable adventures, or finding my boyfriend as pretty much being my music rave mate soulmate, no mind games, no lies, no stress, no doubting, we just live, we laugh and we do it so well that its beautiful. I ended up making some of the most important connections because of my bestfriend, had one of the best summers and I cant regret any of it.

I feel happy and healthy and I can say it with a straight face.

Peace, I am at peace, what I had been searching in me and around me, it is all at peace.

I owe it all to my best friend, I owe him from breaking me apart from the toxic waste in my life, for pushing me to give someone who became somebody important a chance, I owe him for the advice and memorable nights we have had. He always says sorry… Yet I amm always saying thank you.

Isnt it fantastic how the universe can work in the best of ways?

|It is almost Ironic|

Although, when it is to my favor… who am I to complain to 🙂


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The Irony of The Universe

Vanity v.s Beauty

I don’t need my friends to tell me to my face that I am pretty and have the best this or that.

I don’t need my boyfriend to tell me that I am perfect.

I don’t need my family to tell me I am looking great.

No I have me to tell myself, because I KNOW I look pretty, not flawless pretty, but just natural pretty I guess you can call it.

Yea you’re probably thinking “wow what a cocky little bitch

NO, you see it doesn’t matter how many times someone goes up to you and says “you’re hot, you’re beautiful, you’re SO pretty” because it will never count if you don’t think so yourself. I use to ignore mirrors, maybe just glance in the morning when brushing my teeth to make sure there good or to fix my hair. I never sat down and just stared, but the day I did that, I was like wow, I have great skin, beautiful eyes I am grateful for, straight teeth, soft shiny brown hair and a pretty straight nose, I am really pretty.

So why avoid mirrors all this time if I noticed this, I was avoiding the other side, vanity. I was scared to become some narcissistic asshole. I was afraid of missing things instead of staring at my own reflections. Things can happen in the blink of an eye. So what if I missed something because I was to worried about my face being a mess or I just needed to make sure I was still pretty?  I am who I am and one thing I am certain of is that I am not rich. Can’t change my image from head to toe.  I am happy with the way I am, of course there are some tweaks here and there but I can only go so far to be satisfied. You become obssesed with yourself, and only you. And those around you can’t stand you anymore.

“GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF!” (they probably would say)

So when vanity v.s beauty there is only one that is true to it’s meaning. If you think you are beautiful that’s great, because it is what you should think.

Vanity v.s Beauty

Dumb ol’ facebook rant.

Maybe it’s all this hype on being a new 17 year old? Is this what it is supposed to feel like? I highly doubt it. I might just be a dramatic teenager. You know the whole story “trying to escape the world they live in blah blah blah” been there done that. Right now I have just about had it, I feel fucking crazy not like YEA LETS BREAK SOME DRINKS OUT AND PARTY but like holy shit im going insane. SOMEONE CALL THE MENTAL HOSPITAL PLEASE AND LOCK ME AWAY! I get crazy ideas at times, like deleting my facebook, ugh it is so bad! Probably the worst shit ever invented in the world. Like great, I can talk to relatives but the shit that goes down and the dumb shit kids post “HEY YEA CHECK ME OUT IN MY PARENTS BASEMENT DRINKING AND SMOKING BECAUSE IM SO FUCKING COOL HELL YEA” like seriously? You are NOT and I will repeat NOT even close to looking cool. You just look like idiots. And the relationship bull crap like seriously? Why do people even bother to like it, or even get involved, last time I checked it was just *using twilight as an example because I am going insane here* Edward and Bella, not fucking Edward, Bella and Jacob? Okay, but point is like really do others have to be involved? And seriously like since when have girls decided it is okay to whore themselves off? Do they not realize that some colleges do Facebook stalk you? Just saying… But really like people look at that shit, NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOUR FUCKING TITS! It’s just not classy and its gross and this isn’t fucking myspace like really keep it pro bro. There Is just so many things and then suddenly like cyber-bullying is the new thing? And now everybody is just afraid to speak face to face? Oh what has our great world come down too? Clearly civilization has fallen, I cannot imagine what is in-store for our future.

Dumb ol’ facebook rant.