Stolen Youth

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Stolen Youth

Keep Saying it, Again and Again.

Have you ever said a word so many times
That it lost its meaning?
I know I have.
Have you ever fucked someone
So many times,
That it lost it’s meaning?
Its like a fuck you
To me.
With the same lips that stated I loved you.
Love you, Loved you,
Fuck you.

That same fuck you,
That pushed you in farther

and gripped your body

with the whisper of
“fuck me”
You fucked me
You fucked me over so bad.
And then you fucked me again


The word that stays with the mind.
A word meaning the pleasure and anger
Don’t get that mixed up with the other.
And its a scramble, a mind fuck
A monster coming out to toy with us.
And yet I let it.


Fuck me
I let you.
Then I am angry
So I scream “FUCK YOU.”
And the sly face,
The side smile
The charming eyes
The hands that are placed so cleverly
The temptations.
I fall, into that pit were the walls are too slippery to climb out from.

My own

I fuck you.

I fuck you better than anyone.
You return the favor.
For those moments,
those hours,
I feel special,
I feel special being fucked
Not loved, fucked.

And I keep using that word
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Until it looses it’s meaning.
And we keep fucking
Until that looses it’s feelings.
HA! Now how fucked up is that…


Happy readings 🙂

– Marz

Keep Saying it, Again and Again.