Describe Your Relationship With One Song :)

So there is this song, and it pretty much describes what my life has been since my rock bottom to meeting someone great and turning my life around in the most positive of ways. Like you know when that one song comes on and your mind goes directly to a specific person… yea this is it… this is the song that makes me smile and feel that warmth inside. This is the song that just makes me grateful to have him. It’s strange…isn’t it?

Still confused

Happy listening my beautiful misfits πŸ™‚


Milk and carrots


Eating dinner : milk and carrots. Why am i? I do not know. Maybe it is all finally just coming. THE END IS NEAR THE END IS NEAR LORD HAVE MERCEY REPENT REPENT!! haha i am wondering how are baby carrots made? Does a mommy and daddy make some magic love and poof. I just pretended to be a giant! NOM NOM NOM.
I am a fool… a foolish girl. I overthink and assume… its going to mess me up some day. I am who i am. And i am only human. What more can i do?

Milk and carrots